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Robust IP69K Certified Stainless Steel Enclosures

Exceptional Flexibility, Compatible with a Wide Range of Weighing Platforms

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Reduce Errors, Increase Efficiencies with INDUS Scale Indicators

INDUS offers the heavy-duty, durable scale products you need to ensure your business measures up. Our product series offers a range of customizable Indicators and scales that can be crafted to your exact needs. From built-in applications, easy-to-read displays, IP69K certified stainless steel enclosures, and more, INDUS Scales are designed to work with accuracy and efficiency.

Our company has decades of experience in the scale systems industry, and we’ve combined the best features into one straightforward line of Indicators and Scales that you can trust. Our family-owned business delivers innovative service and product solution that maximizes efficiency while minimizing downtime.

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Our Products


Ideal for applications that require a basic weighing indicator for performing zero, tare, and print functions.


An industry-leading, everyday indicator available in IP69K-certified stainless-steel enclosures with a choice of industry-leading display technologies.


Highly adaptable with a choice of display technologies; suitable for washdown environments the S33 will analyze, store, display and transmit data across a range of applications.


Designed for industrial applications that require advanced weighing routines and high connectivity. Compatible with a wide range of weighing platforms, bench, floor, counting, check-weighing, batching and truck scales.


A flexible, high-performance weight indicator with a large graphical display; includes multiple built in communication technology ports.

Accurate Indicators for Improved Operations

INDUS Scale Technologies offers industry-leading indicators to fit every working environment. Our INDUS S-Series of indicators are customizable based on your business operations, and the features have been optimized for high performance, reduced errors and minimal eye strain. Created with high-quality materials, our products are rugged enough for indoor or outdoor use, and all of our indicators feature certified stainless-steel enclosures to protect against the harshest environments.

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All of our products offer a unique combination of features designed for ideal operations in a variety of industries and environments. Each INDUS product can be custom-programmed to your exact standards and fabrication needs. Explore frequently asked questions about why INDUS is the right solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do INDUS products come with a warranty?

Yes, INDUS scale indicators come with a 2-year limited warranty.

What custom applications are available?

INDUS Scales can be customized in a variety of ways, including set point controls, building a back-end database, parts look ups, and more. Our S65 model weigh indicator can be completely customized for specific customer requirements.

Have any independent tests been performed on INDUS products?

All of our products are IP69K rated for water ingress as determined by a third-party test.

What environments are ideal for INDUS products?

INDUS products are ideal in a variety of industries, particularly those environments that require food-grade washdown, material handling, warehousing, and chemical or light industrial.

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